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Design Outsourcing

Question asked by Aaron Dunlop on Jan 12, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2010 by Deepak Gupta

     I am looking for people/company that I would be able to send line-up and data to help me out thru some busy times.  I am looking at a few different options that will work for me.  1st option is to outsource the complete design and detail.  I would need someone that has design checking fixtures before, can review gd&t and design a fixture to meet what is required to be checked.  2nd options is someone that can take the data and surface a 3 mm or 6mm offset for the entire part with runouts.  3rd options is for someone to be given a design that is approve for the concept of the design and complete it, places screws and dowels, stock list and details print for build of the fixture.  If anyone would be able to help out in any of the options please contact me.




Aaron Dunlop

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