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    Brian Ramsay

      I cannot install solidworks 2010 untill in-house IT gives me the go-ahead as we are going through pc upgrades just now.

      Customer has models of solidworks 2010 projects on a disc they want me 2 look at and use for manufactoring.

      I cannot open them as iam on solidworks 2009 and have read about the backwards compatable issues, does anyone know of anyway of me to even open these up in some kind of 3d viewer.

      Thanks in advance.

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          John Lhuillier
          Will they let you download & install Edrawings for Solidworks 2010. If so that may be your only option unless you can get your customer to save them as a parasolids file till you get 2010 installed.
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              Brian Ramsay

              Thanks guys i will try to only install e-drawings 2010 see how i get on thanks for the help.

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                  John Jablonski

                  The correct way to get 2010 installed is, when your boss comes by to ask how that project is going, tell him (or her) that you can't do anything until IT upgrades your SW seat, and then say something like "I guess we'll just sacrifice this potential income because of the rigid, unbending rules of the IT department." Make sure to sound exasperated to convey the impression that you really WANT to work on that project, but it's just completely out of your hands, as you've tried getting IT to realilze the potential lost income and maybe even the loss of a customer.




                  Tho seriously, another office of ours is still on 2009, and I've told him to suggest to IT that they install 2010 alongside 2009. If you really need the real SW models, I'd suggest that as well.



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                Don Vanzile

                If it's something you can share then email them to me and I'll save them out as parasolid's for you.



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                  Jeff Holliday
                  Edrawings 2010 will allow you to see / rotate the models you are being sent. Depending on the version of Edrawings, you would also be able to do take some measurements from the models.