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Potato Model Needed

Question asked by Jason McCrory on Jan 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2010 by Jason McCrory

Yes, you read that correctly... I need a model of a potato. I figure it's probably best accomplished with surfaces, and I'm just flat not good enough with surfaces (yet) to produce one. I've gotten some egg shaped stuff that was working ok as a marker, but now I need something a little closer to an actual spud.


If there's any surfacing ninjas out there who'd like a challenge (or maybe it isn't and I'm making a big deal out of something simple) I could sure use a hand with this one... need a medium sized spud, not too big, at least 2.25" at it's thickest part around the middle, and maybe 2.5" ~ 4.5" long.


Thanks in advance!