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foreshortening, 2 radiuses and the linear dimension between them is foreshortened right

Question asked by Artur Boszczyk on Jan 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2010 by Artur Boszczyk
The Solidworks isn't cope with two foreshortened dimensions (two radiuses). I need to measure the distance between centres of those two radiuses but the problem is that there are far away from each other. The only way is to foreshortening the radiuses. The linear dimension linked to those radiuses should be also foreshortened. If there is only one radius - there is no problem. But when there are two of them and there is dimension between their centres - the second snap points of linear dimensions isn't in right place. It should follow the foreshortened centre of second radius. Have a look on attached photo. Tried on Solidworks 2009 sp5 and Solidworks 2010 SP1. Any suggestions? PLEASE.  Thanks