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Toolbox Slow?

Question asked by Paul McGarr on Jan 8, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2010 by Raymond Pearson

This has always bothered me and I never took the time to ask so I figured I would.  Let's say I have an assembly on the screen and I have some 1/4 X 1" dowels aligning a couple parts.  I decide to change the 1" length to 1.5" so I right click on a dowel, and select "edit toolbox definition".  I then change the length from one to 1 1/2.


Is it normal for that to take about ten seconds from the time I click "edit toolbox definition" to the time I am actually able to alter the value?  Seems odd to complain about 10 seconds, but when you have a dozen or so dowels, all of the sudden a small change takes several minutes.


Is it also normal that I can only do one instance at a time?  If I could do all 12 or so at one, the lag wouldn't be a problem.


For what it's worth, the toolbox files are located on a network share, and have always been.  The lag has always been there too.




Paul McGarr