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Solidworks vs Roark

Question asked by Darrin Dame on Jan 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2010 by Derek Bishop

I am trying to verify the accuracy of Solidwork Simulation 2010 by solving an example problem out of Roark's Formulas for Stress & Strain.  The problem is to find the max deflection and stress in a plate that is 0.20 inches thick and 20 inches in diameter.  The plate is simply supported along the edges and as a uniformly distributed load of 3 psi.  Material property given is: E=10(6) and v=0.285.  (This information is needed to create a new material in Simulation.)  I have "fixed" the bottom edge of the plate to simulate the simply supported boundary condition and have tried various meshes - up the the finest mesh - to see if the mesh density was causing my problem.


The deflection and stress I get in Simulation is not close to the correct answer in Roark's (I have tried all of the stress and deflection options).  For the max stress (von Mises) Simulation gives me 8,085.9 psi vs. 9,240 psi in Roark .  For deflection Simulation gives me 3.851e-2 inches vs. -0.0883 inches in Roark.  Any suggestion on how to model this correctly?  I need to verify this simple problem to prove more difficult analysis to be correct.