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Toolbox Parts in PDMW Vault - Read Only problems?

Question asked by 1-1K0VL0 on Jan 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2010 by Kenneth Barrentine

Aaack - I've been banging my head against this all day.   Following the instructions in the Workgroup PDM and Solidworks 2009 help, I've been trying to set up everything so that toolbox parts are kept in the vault and revision managed, but I've run into a snag.   Here's what I've done:


  1. Copied the toolbox folder from a fresh install to a shared network drive.  I made sure that everyone has write access to that folder.
  2. Configured the toolbox to make copies of each part (with unique file names), rather than configurations:
    toolbox settings.jpg
  3. Set up the toolbox of each client to use the network folder:

    SW Settings.jpg
  4. Added the copied parts folder to the VaultAdmin "Standard Libraries" list, and selected "allow check in of documents":
    pdmw settings.jpg


However, if I try to make a test assembly with some toolbox parts, any newly generated parts become "read-only" (according to the  windows explorer).   When I go to check the test assembly into the vault, it says I cannot check in read-only parts, meaning that my fasteners don't make it into the vault:

readonly checkin error.jpg


I know some people recommend that the toolbox parts be not kept in the vault, but I personally prefer this route for a number of reasons.  The VaultAdmin clearly says "allow check in of documents is reasonable if users select always create copy", and the help file gives instructions on how to configure the toolbox to keep parts in the vault, so what am I doing wrong?


Bonus question:  How do I make it so that checked-in toolbox components always go to a "toolbox" project in the Vault, rather than the first project in which they're used?  I can easily move them in SW Explorer manually I suppose, but it would be nice if this was automatic.


Thanks in advance,