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Design Tables and Excel... 2010 SP2, Office 2007 SP2

Question asked by Dennis Bowman on Jan 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2010 by Jay Andrews

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Initially I installed SW2010 SP2 EV then installed Excel 2000 then learned Excel 2000 was not supported. I then installed Office 2007. The SW Design Tables worked fine.


My PC suffered a SW2010 SP2 EV crash and I repaired the SW installation. After the installation repair the Design Tables and Excel stopped working. Changes made in Excel would not be recognized by SW. Also, once a design table was opened then closed it would not open a second time... the first instance was persistent.


I then repaired the Office 2007 installation, then updated to Office 2007 SP2 and subsequent updates. SW2010 SP2 EV Design Tables now work as expected.


Apparently Office has to be installed (or repaired) after installing SW2010 SP2 EV. At least it worked for me...


Dennis Bowman