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Assembly items colors are not carriedout when I save assembly as part

Question asked by Krishh M on Jan 7, 2010
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I have a big assembly and I gave colors to different partsat assembly level for as it easy distinguish between parts. I saved assembly (as reduces the size and easy to share) as part file to share with colleague. When I saved it as part, I selected option save all components as individual parts (option 3) so that each and every "part/sub assembly" of the assembly saved as "imported feature" of the newly saved part file.


But the problem is for newly saved part file,all imported features (part/sub assemblies of original assembly) didn't carried colors assigned to them(at assembly level). Whole assembly looks gray!! This is not the case generally. I converted many assemblies earlier (I used 2007 SW before moving to 2008 SW recently), never seen this problem before. I tried different settings ...but none fruitful. I even inactivated photoworks and use.


Can somebody advise me how to achieve what I wanted??