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Question about toolbox

Question asked by Matt Kirby on Jan 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2010 by Scott Sanson

I really like toolbox so far but I am confused on how it works. I will list some questions below and hopefully someone will educate me a bit.


1. When I generate a part where are the generated parts stored?


2. How can I change parts without deleting and re-inserting. For example, I just created a timing pully with toolbox. In doing so I went though a few different selections until I found the one I want. When I click on the toolbox part and select the component properties button it only lists in the referenced configs that I created before I found the part I wanted.


3. What if you need a variation of a part that is not an option. For example I can only generate a timing pulley with a straight bore. What if I want to create one with a tapered bore that uses a QD bushing. Is the work though to created it then save as a normal part then alter it manually? This would kill all toolbox benefits though right?


4. Why is it when I am inserting toolbox parts the mate icon flickers. It makes it hard to predict what mates I am applying.


Thanks for the help.