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Certified drivers on the Sw Site

Question asked by David Denwalt on Jan 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2010 by David Denwalt

I went to the website to check for latest drivers. I selected Dell T3400, Quadro FX3700, WindowsXP64, Sw2009.  Only one certified driver available. I downloaded that driver and installed it. The glitches in the display have not returned in the last 3 hours.(HOORAY)

I then repeated the above procedure for a Dell 380, FX4500, WindowsXP, SW2009. The only one driver that is available is the same one as I did for the first system.My first thought was that obviously somebody knows more than I do. I tried to install and almost immediately the install stopped and informed me that the OS was not 64 bit, so I could not install. This is the second or third time I have attempted this in the last two years. Why does the site give the choices but at the end there is only one driver package? And is not the right one for a non 64 system.