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How can I make a hem on a cylindrical part?

Question asked by Allen Boldt on Jan 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2010 by Kenneth Barrentine

I am looking for a better way to create a hem on a cylidrical part. The attached part started from another solution that Pankaj set up for me on another posting, but now I want to add 2 hems and some holes. We are using is a Polymer material that we first water jet cut (including ALL the holes) and then form by hand. The attached files show what I want to end up with (well sort of). The hem tool does not work on a curved part so I used the Edge Flange tool. This somewhat works but results in the hems being flat. Having a flat surface did allow me to easily add the 5 holes. Is there a better approach to hems and holes on this part? Thanks for all the support


P.S. The attached SW file is version 2010