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Edges on shaded views

Question asked by Emil Andersson on Jan 5, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2010 by Emil Andersson

Edges in shaded views on drawing sheets lost quality when we installed 2010 booth SP0.0 and SP1.0. We have played with all settings in different combinations and can't found what is wrong. We used to print shaded views either in colour or B/W and the edges where as sharp as if the views where set to Hidden Lines Removed. We have printed on different printers and PDF with same result. Also, the lower quality of edge shows in the previews as well.


Anyone out there with same problem? What should we try in regards of settings for optimal quality?



I can creat more screen shots or other file formats if that would help.


Attached is a sample and note that we where used to same quality of edge shaded or not, now it's a big differences.





Shaded View.jpg