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Wicked stiff center mouse button

Question asked by Robin Oury on Jan 5, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2010 by Simon Richardson

Seems the trend these days is the new tilt wheel on our new mice.  Unfortunatly all the ones I've tried have a super stiff center button 5-10x stiffer than a normal mouse button.  Since I use the center button so much for zoom functions this is just not viable for me.  It's painful to use.


I have some very nice MS and Logi new keyboard/mice which are useless with SW because the wheel/button is so stiff.


I've got one old Logi Cordless Mouseman Optical which is fine, but it's real long in the tooth and needs to be replaced.


Anyone know of any newer cordless keyboards where the center button (wheel) is not so stiff?