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Meeting place possible change

Question asked by Raymond Fiore on Jan 5, 2010
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2010 by Phil Marra

Happy New Year to all....I wanted to info all of you that due to an oversight (aka incompetence) at Barnes and Noble RIT our meeting place for second tues or any tues for first half of 2010 is taken.  So is Wed and so is Thurs.  Fri is out for obvious that my friends leaves us Monday nites!  I can get mondays from what I hear from the contact at Barnes and Bobble.  I would like to know from the members how a change from Tues to Mon would affect you.  Now it's not cast in stone I'm just investigating all possibilities at this point.  I also have another contact that might be able to help us out on a meeting room at RIT...but I have not heard back...we could meet on our Tuesday nite schedule there.  Also I would like to commend the two Lars and Phil for trying to get some discussion going on future topics...thats good input and we need more discussion.  Since Dec was cancelled I'm hoping for a meeting in February...we will forge ahead.

Your thoughts?