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Can't show/hide certain solids

Question asked by Iñaki Blanco on Jan 5, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 25, 2010 by Iñaki Blanco

Hello everybody, a newbie has arrived, don't be very hard with me 


I have just installed SW 2010 and SP1.0. Everything seemed OK, but I've opened some 2009 assemblies I designed and I'm starting to get some errors showing/hiding some solids of a multisolid part.


There are some strange things like for example, the solid isn't hidden, but can't see it. If I move the mouse over the place the solid should be, it highlights it's elements. No matter how many times I try to hide or show it, I still can't see it (Also tried Ctrl-Q).


Other thing for example is that the solid isn't hidden and I can see it, then I try to hide it but nothing happens. And it's not happening with all the solids of the part, just with one of them.


Another one is that the solid has one color, but when I select a section view, it changes its color.


Did it happen to anybody else? Is this a known bug or something?


Thanks a lot.


Iñaki B.