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Discussion created by Bruce Mutch on Jan 4, 2010
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Right... I've finally bitten the bullet and have upgraded SW to 2010 SP1.0.


As a soon-to-be-but-not-by-my-choice ex-user of PW, I'm not too impressed by what PV has to offer.


I've read what other posters in this forum have to say and get the general idea that PV creates far better renderings that PW. This is great, but what I need is the ability to control what I want in more detail... i.e. rotation control (arrow keys), creating & editing scenes & lights, decals.


Does anyone know before PW finally gets killed off later this year, will PV be developed to a similar level of functionality?

Seriously, I cannot see SW replacing PW with PV in its current format... it's rubbish.


Failing that, can anybody recommend a third party rendering package?