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SW2010 - XP Pro - Windows Explorer Thumbnails

Question asked by Brian Mears on Jan 4, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2011 by Deepak Gupta

I recently performed a clean install of Windows XP Pro, and a clean & standard install of SolidWorks 2010 SP1.0. Until recently I've used SolidWorks 2007.


I keep a Windows Explorer window open while I work in SolidWorks, and I drag files into SW from that window. I have the view set to Thumbnails so I can quickly and visually identify a part/assembly/drawing.


In SW2007, these Windows thumbnails updated as I updated my SolidWorks files--after a save in SW, the thumbnail matched the most current model/assembly/drawing.


After installing SW2010, this changed, and now thumbnails DO NOT UPDATE after the initial save. The Windows thumbnail displays the part/assembly/drawing as originally saved and does not change. Through some experimentation I was able to determine the following:


-a restart of the computer usually 'resets' the thumbnails to the latest save

-renaming the file will 'reset' the thumbnail to the latest save; naming it back to original returns it to the original (incorrect) image


Using this thread ( as a guide, I unregistered SW2010's sldwinshellextu.dll and reregistered with SW2007's sldwinshellextu.dll.  This fixed the problem.  The topic of this thread is a bit different than my issue but I suspected that they may be related; it seems that they are.


I discussed this with my VAR's support; they tell me that this is 'predictable' and 'expected behavior'. If that were true, you all should see the same behavior. So...


Can any of you confirm that your Windows thumbnails DO NOT update past the first save in SolidWorks?  I need a couple of responses to make sure that this indeed isn't by design.  I appreciate the help.


Thank you,