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Help setting up 2009 Vault System

Question asked by Josh Hughes on Jan 4, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 5, 2010 by Kenneth Barrentine

I have some questions about setting up a 2009 vault system for our existing Solidworks models and drawings as well as PDF's dwg's, and other various things.

The problem that I'm running into is that we have custom properties in our files, they either need to be renamed to the Vault Defaults or the Vault will need to be routed to them.  Either way is fine I just have to get one or the other and I'm having no luck with either in my test vault.

Another issue that I'm runing into is that this company saves things with a numbering system like 20H1486B, 45D3652, 75D1586G (last letter being the revision level), we have different naming systems here though, we now do all numbers but still have the revision at the end as a letter.  I have gotten it approved to get rid of that once we get the vault up and running, I just have to make this file renaming and checkin procedure work so that I get rid of the letter at the end, and get the right revision in the properties where the vault will see it and make it work on checkin.


Let me know if there is any more information needed and I will gladly supply it.

Thank You

Josh Hughes - CSWA