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Simulate Steam Sparging

Question asked by 1-8FU1NB on Jan 4, 2010
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Hello All,


I was wondering if SolidWorks Flow simulation had the capability to simulate steam sparging into a volume of water.


My application is a cylindrical tank horizontally oriented filled about a 1/3 of the height with water. A steam sparger is submerged in the water and is injecting steam at a pressure of no greater than 100psi. My goal is to simulate the steam injecting into the water to visualize the heat transfer. I also want to see the transfer of heat from the water volume to the remaining air above the water. I would like to examine this from both a transient and steady state perspective. The tank is open to atmosphere on both ends so it is not pressurized. My question is does flow simulation have the capability to solve a problem like this. If not I've been also looking at ansys CFX and Fluent. If anybody has experience with those I was wondering if they could support a problem such as this.


Also a screenshot is attached.


Thanks in advance,