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Balloning to a  subassembly

Question asked by Grant Baugh on Dec 31, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2009 by Josh Brady

We do things a little different here.  When we ballon a drawing we will use the parts quick # (basically a 4 digit part number) as opposed to a BOM line #.  When we create parts and subassemblies we name the configuration the quick # so when we ballon the drawing we link it to the config name.  That way works ok but every sub assemblies parts has to have the configuration name as the quick #.


We are in the begining stages of redoing our CAD database. When it was first set up it was not done properly/thought out so we want to start over and make improvements.  It will be alot of work but well worth it when done.


My question is can we link the ballon to a property in the subassembly file?  Say make a property called quick # and use that to populate our ballon.  This way works great for parts but the quick # property does not show up when we ballon a subassembly.  We like this way because the configurations can be named what ever specifically the subassemblies parts.   We'd like to be able to control the ballon's data at the subassembly level. Unless Im missing away to use the sub assemblies config name, which would solve our problem.  We have never been able to figure out how to do that.  The ballon will use the part of the subassembies config name.


Sorry this one got pretty long hope it's not to confusing.