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    Center Marks with Fill Pattern

      I love using the fill pattern for our products, but when creating a drawing from the model with Auto Insert Centermarks turned on, it only applies the centermark to the seed hole.


      Also, when manually inserting Centermarks to a hole patterned with Fill, the Propagate button appears but when you press it nothing happens.


      Is there a way around this?






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          Alessandro Frattini

          I've tested with SW2010 SP1.0 and I confirm what you wrote.

          I think this is a bug.

          Please send this problem to your VAR.

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            Anna Wood

            Where you able to do this in previous releases of SW with Fill Patterns?  I never usefill patterns, so I am curious if you could ever do this.


            Depending on the fill pattern type I can see SW having difficulty deciding how to add the connection lines since SW is set to add the connection lines by default when auto adding center marks on view creation.


            When manually adding the center marks, with connection lines toggled off, I agree center marks should be created when selecting the toggle to propagate center marks for the entire pattern.  I think this is a bug for sure.


            It would be nice under Tools > Options > Document Properties > Detailing > Auto insert on view creation > Center marks-holes, if there was another toggle to add the Center mark-Connection Lines.


            We do not typically add connection lines and it is an extra step to select the center mark annotation and turn off the connection line toggle.





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              Deepak Gupta
              Tested on SW2009 & SW2006 and got same results. I never use it so it might be a bug or time for an ER