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Creating assembly, and pretending I never learned AutoCAD

Question asked by 1-O1O3HC on Dec 30, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 30, 2009 by Gerald Davis

I had some posts about this learning project yesterday and I got some awesome feed back! I was told the easiest way to learn SW, especially coming from AutoCAD, was to do bottom up assemblies. I drew my parts individually, and started an assembly. From what I gather, less is more when it comes to assemblies. Examples being, to use linear patterns instead of inserting mulitples of the same part. With only being able to post 5 files, I have the necessary files posted to ask my question. This is a basic project that is to be shelving for my garage. With the assembly as it is, and using what I have learned so far, I'm assuming the best approach to finishing this project is to mirror both front to back, and left to right. Barring that is correct, when I mirror the left side, to the right side, the countersinks are to the inside of the shelf, not to the outside like I need them to be. I attempted to rotate the part after mirroring it, and I just couldn't figure it out. I'm assuming there are multiple areas I could have made a mistake. Those areas being, the execution of the mirror, I'm missing something with the rotation, or I'm flat out going about this in the wrong way.


Thank you for any assistance in advance!!!!!!!!!!