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Assembly components dissappear (suppressed) and can not be found

Question asked by Marcelo Laxalt on Dec 30, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 31, 2009 by Charles Culp

   Hopefully someone has else has seen this.  I have an assembly with 1 configuration, all parts present and accounted for; When I create a second configuration 1 or more parts become suppressed and can not be unsuppressed.  When placing the cursor over the part in the tree the message "the file for this component could not be located".  I can right click and open the missing part, edit it etc.. but it will not be in the assembly.


I have deleted the parts and re-inserted them into the assembly, but then they dissappear again when the second config is created or only appear in the active configuration....?


I am using SW09 x64 SP2.1 on a corporately hacked xp64 (it is not vanilla xp64 it is a customized image with who knows what done to it)  I am thinking this is a 64 bit problem as a co-worker was able to open the assembly and all parts where found, and worked correctly on his 32 bit box and I have seen a performance decrease since switching to this new box.  (Lots of lag when inserting dimensions, etc)


Help me find a solution!