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How to improve 3DCC

Question asked by Gerald Davis on Dec 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2010 by Keri Prasky

Dear Bill T:


I recently contributed models of hand tools.  During the upload process I tried to find a category for hand tools.  The closest I could find was Miscellaneous>Various Parts.  Since then, I've learned that there is a category for hand tools.  How do I change my submissions to be better categorized?


While adding the models, I included various tags that were meaningful to me - "hand tool" being one of them.  When I search for "hand tool", I get no result for my submissions.  In fact, none of the tags, file names, or model descriptions that I used result in successful searches.  How do I make my models easy to find in this labyrinth?


When I search for models contributed by Gerald Davis, I get a single slam latch from a couple of years ago.  My recent submissions are not listed.  How do I trigger the data base to know everything that the Great G. Davis has donated? (No, my ego isn't that big, I'm trying to be humorous.)


When I serach for "box end wrench" I get about 140 results.  Most of them are unrelated to box end wrenches.  No result includes my model of a box end wrench.  How should I search for models of box end wrenches?


While desperately searching for my contributions, I found several models of similar tools - particularly "allen" wrenches - however attempts to relocate them have been frustrating - "hex key" returns everything from motors to locks but few hand tools.  How do I search for things that are similar and exclude things that are unrelated?


In the Hand Tools category there are a brazillion entries from a supplier (starts with "F") that are nothing more than PDF documents.  How do I exclude trash like this from my search results?  All I want are 3D models, not advertisements from Italy.


When I download models, I don't want surface bodies.  I want the full model history in the Feature Manager.  How do I tell what version of SolidWorks will result in the "native" file instead of a "dumb" model?


Why does it take 5 clicks to get to 3DCC from the Task Pane?


I've requested notification of reviews of my models.  I know at least 2 reviews have been completed.  No notifictions have been received.  What did I do wrong?


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