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Is it possible to have property driven annotations in exported flatpattern DXF files?

Question asked by Kevin Bouwman on Dec 29, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2010 by Anna Wood

Hi All,


I use the flatpattern export feature extensively to create DXF files for a vendor's CNC plasma table.  I have a copy of the CNC software and so I design the part in SW, export the flat pattern to DXF, import this DXF into the CNC software and then finish preparing the CNC cut file by indicating the path cutting details.  I have started including text communicating the part number, the part description, and the material the part is to be cut from as helpful information to the machine operator.  This text is excluded from the cut path info.  What I would like is a way to have SW place this text in the flatpattern DXF from custom properties already in the part model.  Do any of you have an idea how this could be done?