Mass Prop of pipe route

Discussion created by Guest on Aug 14, 2006
I would like to get an accurate weight of my skid based on the properties assigned. When it comes to piping I'm not sure what is going on. When I open a route assembly on its own I should be able to select mass properties and get a weight of the full assembly. Correct? Doesn't seem that way.

I have assigned properties to all the fittings and piping. Why is it that the weight of a run shows so far off what it should be.

eg: I have a run with (2) 4"300# flanges and (1) 2"300#flange. Plus a tee, 2 elbows and a reducer and probably 8' of pipe.

Mass shows at 78#. I know the 4" flanges weigh about 25# alone.

Any info on this? Thanks