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    Model Name in Drawin g show up in BOM

    Scott McFadden

      Is there a clean way to get the top level assembly part number and description to which the drawing

      represents to show up in the Solidworks BOM along with the individual components?

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          Dwight Livingston

          I don't think so. When we started using SW and began auto-populating our BOMs, we gave up having a BOM on every drawing and gave up showing the part or top-level assembly as item one of the BOM. Instead our BOMs show only components, we use design tables for multiple configuration drawings, and usually show materials in the notes. I am happy we made the change.


          EDIT: you might be able to put a Design table in every drawing, format it like a BOM, and then stack your BOM with the Design Table so it lokos like one table. I doubt it would look right, and you'd have to manually adjust item numbers, but it is something to try.