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Gaming Laptop?

Question asked by Aaron Brassard on Dec 22, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2010 by Jim Zink



I'm new to SW for about 2-3 weeks.  I need to procure a laptop to use SW and other more mundane softwares like Office.  My IT person is suggesting that I go for a gaming laptop vs a mobile workstation due to cost considerations.  I will not be using SW all day long every day but I need things to be functional, stable and when necessary to perform.  I can't afford to lose hours of work.


From the pure horsepower point of view, the gaming machines look like they have the goods.  But, they do not have the 'SW approved' video cards.  He's recommending an ASUS G51 'something', not sure which one.


Bottom line, will I be satisfied using a gaming machine?  Note that I've come from using a Dell mobile workstation for the past 3-4 years (using ProE) and have had zero issues, ever.  I really want it to be rock solid.


Thanks kindly for your answers for this newb,