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I know stupid question, will this work?

Question asked by Jason Pinter on Dec 21, 2009
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I am relatively knew to Solidworks. I learn what I can on the job but finding the time to "play around" is difficult. I find I learn software the best when I'm not under any deadlines. I have been contemplating getting a laptop for home use as well as to "play around" with soldworks 2010 so I'm more productive in the office. I am looking at this laptop http:// because it looks like it would fit my needs at home and of course the price. Any comments? I know it's not Windows 7 Pro and I'm not opposed to an upgrade later. I have read SW will and will not work on a home OS. I know the graphics card is not on the SW list but I thought since it looks like a dedicated card I could upgrade that later as well. If it were up to me I would get a mobile workstation with proper bells and whistles. But since the kids still need to eat I am forced to be a cheap skate. Any advice would be greatly appriciated. Thanks