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Pipe Schedule changing

Question asked by Trent Westbrook on Dec 21, 2009

I am new to Routing, and new to Solidworks in general, but I have been tasked with creating an extensive routing library for hard piping, mostly butt-weld fittings. I have run into a strange problem with the routing.  (I am using 2008 sp.5)


When I start a Route, it allows me to choose which schedule pipe. My pipe file contains all sizes(DN15-600) and schedules(5-80, for stainless steel pipe.),  When I add a Reducer, Tee, or routed assembly, the schedule of the new pipe automatically drops down to Schedule 5.  I Then have to edit route, select each segment and 'edit route properties'.  Can I only have one sch. per pipe size? or is there a way to control this?


I have Specification@CPointx set the schedule in all of my routed fittings.  How does this filter the pipe size and schedule? The only relevant variable I have in my pipe file is $prp@Specification,  Am I missing something?


I have attached pic of the result of adding a BW reducer.