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Would you Upgrade or Replace My Workstation?

Question asked by Ryan Laplante on Dec 18, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2009 by Ryan Laplante

Currently I have a 2 year old system consisting of


Asus M2n-E mobo

AMD6400+ @ 3.2 Ghz

Corsair 800 speed ram 4 gigs (4x1)

ATI FIreGL 5200 256MB PCI express

Vendetta 2 aftermarket cooler for CPU - CPU stays in 40-55C under 100percent load for 3-10 hours for rendering

Corsair 620 watt Power supply

Full Size case with 120mm intake 80mm output fans

2 HDD coolers

3GB switch enabled and I have seen programs use 2.7gigs under XP Pro 32 bit so I know its working.


My Punchholder rebuild times are around 156 seconds with this setup??


I could upgrade to


64 bit OS

Faster Ram and 8 gigs of 1033Mhz

Quaddro FX 1800

1k power supply


Or I could possibly buy something new for around 1600 dollars.

I build executive furniture and some of it is quite complex as far as geometry

I see long rebuild times on my Surface fills and complex sweeps or lofts.

I model the cushion surfaces and piping as accurately as possible and this takes a lot of surface work ussually.

I have seen 40MB+ parts -

Using the feature - Insert- Save bodies - to make assemblies out of my multibody parts - really eats resources right now over 2 gigs being used on some save bodies.



Sorry for the long post - and thank you ahead of time.