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how to put constraints in a spreader bracket?

Question asked by Helen Zhao on Dec 17, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2010 by Derek Bishop

I need to model a spreader bracket with a shackle attached on the top (see attached pic.). The main plate is subjected to 5000 lbf on each side and 16000 lbs on the stand-off plate (all loads are in gravity direction). Now the bracket is lifted by a crane hook through the shackle. Obviously, the bracket will reach a load equilibrium position (some degree WRT horizontal). My question is:


1. Is there a way to find the quilibrium position for the bracket when lifted by the crane through shackle by using SW simulation?? or SW motion??( I do have SW 2009 premium). I can find the equilibrium position by hand assuming all parts are rigid. but it is tedious and everytime I change the load magnitude, I have to re-do it.


2. How to model the constraint conditions/fixture for this bracket? my thought is that the bracket is free and under quilibrium position under applied load and the load from crane hook. But all FEA supposes to have at least a constraint to prevent rigid movement. Am I right?


Any ideas or help are really appreciated!!!