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Dell Compatibility w/ 2010?

Question asked by John Summers on Dec 17, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2009 by Jeff Holliday

I checked the graphic card capability (about a month or so back) with our Dell computers (most are Precision 490s with Nvidia 4500/4600s- only a couple years old) and SW2010.  All of them were listed as certified but that was before SW updated their website to include actual computer manufacturers.  I just checked the website now and NONE of our computers pass as certified.  Did we waste our money on the service contract as we will not be able to run 2010 on our unsupported computers now?  Or if we do and we have issues, will the response from SolidWorks be "SW doesn't recommend running 2010 on those Dell models"? 


Or may be the website certification for all Dell models isn't complete yet?  I am still confused to how a generic computer with the same specs as mine passes but the Dell doesn't.


Our computers are plenty fast enough for 99% of the project we run.  Right now, new computers are out of the question.