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    EPDM 2010 Tasks

    Mike Sveda
      I am setting up new TASKS in EPDM 2010 to replace our old dispatch routines.  For some reason, the notifications for TASKS are not working right.  The subject and body text are not coming through the SMTP messages. I get a blank notifcation from PDM with none of the info I want to show when the task is done.  Maybe a bug?  SP1.0 of EPDM
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          Joy Garon

          Hi Mike -


          I experienced the same thing.

          Please open an SR with your VAR.




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            Marc Stoll

            Hi Mike,


            I had the same problem with an upgraded vault.

            Hier Tor's answer:

            I'm sorry for the late update.  finally figured out why the task notifications did not show up correctly with your SolagDb vault when using 2010 - turns out the message templates for the tasks were missing in your database.  I'm not sure why - pr1 should have had the task notifications.  Maybe they did not update when you ran the database upgrade.

            Regardless - if/when you upgrade your SolagDb to 2010SP0 - check the table called NotificationMsgTemplate  - there should be 20 rows in 2010, the task notifications should are type 600,601 and 610.  In your database those rows were missing.

            To re-import the notification templates if they are missing still - you can use attached SQL query, update the path to the NotificationMsgTemplate_D.csv file and run it on the vault database.