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Enterprise Task Requirements

Question asked by Calvin Nelson on Dec 17, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2011 by Nahid Rumana

Does anybody know where it is documented that in order to take advantage of the Enterprise Tasks in 2010 to convert SW files to another format, you are required to have a seat of Office/Premium?

As I was trying out the tasks to have our drawings converted to PDF when we publish them to other departments, I get a "Cannot obtain license for Task Scheduler" error. In the KB (S-017979), it ties this message to needing a seat of Office/Premium, but it's dated 2008 and didn't seem to apply to Enterprise, just Task Scheduler.

Looking at the code for the task, under "Advanced Scripting Options," it doesn't even appear to use Task Scheduler to do the conversion, just the "Save As..."

Why don't they mention anywhere that I'll have to upgrade to take advantage of this new feature?