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Accessing Customizations from Beta 2010

Question asked by Brian Dalton on Dec 16, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 23, 2009 by Brian Dalton

I ran the EPDM 2010 beta and made a lot of customized files for our company's needs.  These include file cards, templates, workflows, etc.


Now my company is gearing up to buy the program and they want me to administer it, but I can no longer get to my customizations because the beta has expired and won't run anymore.


I have been searching to see where these files may have been stored but no luck yet.  I just need to get to my customization files so I can plop them into the full version once it's in place.  I'd truly hate to lose so many hours of work, and I'd look like a hero if I could get this stuff up and running quickly after the product is installed.


Has anyone got an idea on how to get this stuff?