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    Design Study of a Knob - Has anyone tried this example?

    doug lapointe

      Design Study of a Knob - Has anyone tried this example?

      I can set up the variables section, but the constraints and goals are not available.

      I can create sensors, but they do not show up as selections in the constraints and goals section.

      I am using Premium SP1.0.

      The example set up appears to be set up with SolidWorks Simulation Professional.  It looks like it can be run with Premium, but cannot be created.

      If I try to set up an Evaluation, available in Premium, the constraints and goals are still not available.

      A video showing someone setting up and running this example would help.



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          If you have SolidWorks Premium, please note the following:

          * In general, you can perform Evaluation and Optimization.


          * If you perform Evaluation, you cannot define goals (general statement - not particular to any licensing level). You do not have any objective to maximize, minimize, or satisfy exactly. You set up scenarios using variables and constraints. You then run these scenarios and compare them (You can compare the model shape on the graphics window or the values of the constraints that the program computes for each scenario). Please go through the SolidWorks Help document for further information. There is a complete section on Design Studies. Please note that "Evaluation" was termed "Design Scenarios" in SW2009.


          Note: Please uncheck the Optimization option first beside the Run button. This is the way you communicate to the program that you are not interested in performing an optimization but an evaluation.


          * If you perform Optimization, you have to define goals but you cannot use Simulation data sensors. This feature is blocked. However, you can use the "Mass Properties" and "Dimension" sensors to define goals. Again, please go through the Help document.

          I have attached a snapshot of a table prepared by Documentation to clarify the availability of different funnctionalites for different licensing levels.


          That said, we might have found a few possible bugs. I will file SPRs to take care of these:

          * At times, if you define sensors directly through the FeatureManager design tree, they are not avaliable for selection as constraints and goals. Please try to use the Add Sensor option available under Constraints and Goals.

          * At times, after setting up the study, the Run button appears grayed out. You can switch to the Table View tab to activate the button and run the Design study.


          I will try to record a video and post it to clarify things further. Sorry that it might take me a while. If you have any questions meanwhile, please let us know.



          Narayanan Ramanujam