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Buying a Solidworks Premium Network version for adding to an OEM network version of Solidworks is not allowed?

Question asked by Dennis Motshagen on Dec 16, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2009 by Lenny Bucholz



We have an OEM bundle from Solidworks standard together with SolidCAM 2.5D.

This bundle is a network license that uses SolidNetwork FlexLM for Solidworks and NetHASP for SolidCAM.

Our VAR did sell us the SolidNetwork License Manager software to be able to add seats of Solidworks in the future.


Now we have bought a premium version of Solidworks that we can add to the SolidNetwork License Manager but now we have a problem!

DS Solidworks is not providing the network license of Solidworks Premium version because we never bought the official SolidNetwork License Manager but the OEM version that came with  SolidCAM.


The strange thing is that we paid the full price for it of 2000 EURO.


They suggested buying a new SolidNetworks License Manager for 2000 EURO and installing it on a second server.

This means that we are not able to really float the 2 licenses amongst the seats because we have to designate one of the server addresses to the workstations.

And why do we have to pay extra for a new License manager that will only distribute legal licenses of Solidworks (OEM or Not).


Does anybody have the same experience with Dassault Systèmes?


Regards, Dennis