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2009 to 2010 migration loses imbedded assembly parts

Question asked by Anthony Fettig on Dec 16, 2009

I use SolidWorks for conceptual design and I have been in the habit of creating imbedded parts in assemblies during the inital stages of development.


Our engineering group migrated all of the SolidWorks 2009 data to version 2010.  All of my imbedded parts are now gone in the 2010 versions.  The greyed out browser file reference shows a temporary folder on the workstation used for migration which was automatically deleted after the migration process was completed.


I restored the version 2009 product development folder onto a temporary network location and have been opening the old assemblies, saving the imbedded parts as standard parts in the proper location, then reopening the 2010 assembly and repairing the file reference.


All is good except the previously imbedded parts still show brackets around them in the browser that I cannot get rid of, and there seems to be some issues with appearances not sticking to parts originally created in the assembly context.


Does 2010 handle these parts differently, or is this problem local to our data?