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    Revision Control in PDMWorks Enterprise

    Sumit Kumar Gupta

      I have drawing and CAD models which have revision defined as custom properties. Can I import these custom propertis into PDMWorks directly.


      Example: abc.sldprt (REV - 3) and abc.slddrw (REV - 5)


      What I am doing is I import parts and drawing in PDMWorks and bump revs up till I reach the last released rev. Is there a way where in these properties can be directly taken into PDMWorks and my revision history starts from 3 and 5 for part and drawing respectively.

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          Corey Hinman
          I'm not sure of a direct way, but, when we did something similar i setup a "set rev workflow". The files were sent into this workflow when checked in, and then there was a "change state" transition that would allow you to select any rev from your rev scheme (a transition for each rev level), then the file would go to "released" or "protoype" or whatever your nomenclature is. You can select multiple files to change state on, so it's not too bad of a solution.
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            It's also possible via the API. Razorleaf used to provide a solution but I am not sure if they do anymore. I could also provide one as well.
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                Lucas Dexter

                Sumit, Lee is correct about the Razorleaf add-in.  We actually purchased it for our initial load of our archive data (three years ago) and it bumped the revision of each file automatically for our AutoCAD and SolidWorks files.  It saved me a lot of grief by not having to go through a special workflow and specifying the revision of every file manually.


                I am really surprised EPDM does not come with this functionality out of the box yet.  Everyone has archive data and I am certain all of the archive files are not at rev 'A'.

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                It is ugly if you have a possibility for a high number of revisions, but you can setup multiple transitions. One for was possible revision. For each transition, set a condition that checks the revision variable that it is reading from the file and reset the revision counter to the appropriate value.


                Other option is what Lee mentioned. Use the API to read the current revision from the file an reset the revision counter.

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                    Joy Garon

                    Hi Sumit -


                    Corey, Lee and Wayne have all given you valid advice.


                    To set the revision to the appropriate value manually is a tedious process and the method will depend on the structure of your workflow and the transition actions.

                    As Corey suggested, it might be beneficial to set up a workflow for the task, however, if you have a large number of files to process, then it is best to use the API to automate the process.


                    Best Regards,


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                    Jeff Walters

                    If you have a lot of files I would set up a folder “reving” and a workflow that only gets used by files put in that folder. In the workflow I would set up as many transitions as I have revisions coming in (WF.JPG). In the transition I would set conditions to limit what files went to what transition based on the value in the variable “Revision” (05.JPG). I then set up two actions in the transition (Set Var.jpg and Inc Rev.JPG). Coming out of the transition I use a workflow link to put it in the proper workflow. The sample I have here is a simple one but you can also set up an intermediate state and then do more sorting based on the file type to decide what workflow to link to.

                    This may take a little time to set up but once done it’s just a matter of drag and drop to rev files coming from out side the vault.