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    Hardware recommendations for Simulation?

    Michael Marshall

      Looking through SW.com, I cannot find any hardware recommendations for Simulation, only the standard recommendations for SolidWorks.


      I'm assuming this is because if the system will run SW, then it will technically run Simulation, just that in general a faster system will crunch the numbers faster.


      Any hardware recommendations for Simulation? We're currently running 2009, will switch to 2010 sometime next year. Leaning toward a Dell T7500, have an allowance of ~$5k in the budget.


      Thanks in advance for the feedback!




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          Bill McEachern

          for $5k you get a dual socket Xeon 5520 with 24Gb of RAM and an nVidia FX3800 - you can always spend a lot more dough and get the fastest Xeon's for another $2k - not sure you could get this from Dell for this dough though.

          You need a quad core and 12GB & a 64 bit os and then you can use brute force to solve some problems which is sometime the lower effort way to go. Obviously, the faster the processor the better but the price diferentials are a bit insane.