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Controlling Edges in 'Boundary Surface'

Discussion created by Samuel Schweighart on Dec 16, 2009
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Hi all,


Yet another edge post...


This post is about boundary surfaces.  When making a boundary surfaces with sketches that do not have a smooth corner (such as two lines coming together at a corner) SW places an edge on the resulting surface at that corner. That's fine.


The problem is when you have two sketch entities that are curvature continuous, (such as two splines, or a spline and a line).  Some of the time, SW will not put an edge where these two sketch entites meet. (Which is what I want).   But occasionally, it DOES place an edge.


This isn't really that big of a problem except when you have several curvature continuous splines.  SW will place an edge at one or more arbitrary places.


The real problem lies, that if this is early on in your tree, and you modify the sketch, SW will randomly place the edge at a DIFFERENT  location.   Now every split line, or anything that references that surface will fail.


I've attached a file where SW has placed an edge on one of the spline-line interfaces (top), and not on the other.  If you make some changes to the sketch, SW will randomly place that edge on the bottom.


1) Is there any way to force SW to not place that edge in the first place.


2) If SW needs that edge, is there any way to make SW keep it at the same point?


This is also another example of where it would be nice to be able to remove split lines.  If after making this part, I removed the split line, and then built the rest of my tree, I wouldn't worry if SW places the edge in a random place.