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Can colours be driven by a spreadsheet?

Question asked by Darren Marchant on Dec 15, 2009
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Hi All

I have a large assy of a boiler house here that Ive been asked to colour up so it looks realistic. I get asked this often on various projects, parts and assys. The pumps and valves differ in colour depending on the supplier. Cladding and paint colours are left up to the client so can change often.

Im sure we all get this at times.

Heres my plan:

I want to find a way to extract a multi-level BOM from an assy and use it to add a custom property to each item at part level. That bits easy. But I want that property to be a driver of the default colour for that part.


This would enable several colour schemes to be tried out simply by refering to a diferent spreadsheet, which could be printed out and handed to the client for filling out


Do able?