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Auto-update of Blocks

Question asked by Chris Chambers on Dec 15, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2009 by Alessandro Frattini

I'm trying use blocks' 'link to file' feature to update all the drawings containing that block by modifying the block itself.

It looked like this idea works because after I saved a drawing with a block, I modified that block(and overwritten to the previous block file) and the drawing showed the modified block when re-opned.

Then I tried to make a template with blocks so that any drawings created via this template can be changed by changing the desired block file rather than opening them all up and changing manually.

I figured out that I cannot use sheet format as it does not store links. So I created a template to test the block linkage but it didn't really work.

Say I got a template which contains a block with "A".

If I then modify the block in a different drawing and overwrite the previous block file by block "B", the template still shows "A".

If I then save this wrong template as a drawing, the drawing shows "A"- even when it's re-opened, it's still A.

But then If I change the block file into "C", the drawing shows "C".

I'm not sure whether this is a limitation or a bug

How can I solve this?