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Question asked by Jim Sculley on Dec 15, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2009 by Ben Kalinowski

I'm trying to get prepared for an EPDM implementation early next year.  We have two distinct approval structures for our drawings.  One is very formal, and the other is very informal.  I have created a flowchart marrying these two together, but I am stuck on how to handle changes in the informal process, mainly because EPDM in not installed yet, I can't play with it to see what is possible.


The informal process has no approval requirements.  Engineers are responsible for ensuring their drawings are correct.  There is no ECR process for these informal drawings.  So, the PDM workflow will basically skip all the approval steps and go straight from 'Work in Progress' to 'Approved' using a 'No Approval Required' transition when the engineer is finished with the drawing.


My question is this:


If an error or some other problem with the drawing is discovered, can the engineer easily change the state of the file(s) from 'Approved' to 'Work in Progress'?  Do you have to have a distinct transition to handle this?


For the formal drawings I have a 'Change Requested' transition which takes the drawings back to the 'Work in Progress' state, since the entire approval hierarchy has to happen on every change to these drawings.


Would the engineer simply use this same 'Change Requested' transition, make the necessary changes and then resubmit through the 'No Approval Required' transition?


Jim S.