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Weldment Angle?

Question asked by Andrew Chase on Dec 15, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 7, 2010 by Andrew Chase

I was wondering whether there was a way of setting the angle of rotation on a weldment that is driven by a line or face, other than actually typing in the angle?

Find attached a drawing of the tail end of a conveyor i'm working on, the reason i ask is that i am playing about with the angle of the conveyor so that it fits into a certain area. The Frame is drawn in context to the conveyor bed so that if i change the mate angle of the bed it will alter the 3D sketch the frame is built with. This alters the angle of the uprights but not the twist of the horizontal members, this has to be altered by going into the edit feature of the weldment and typed in manually. Is there any way of driving this angle using some external part or measurement? Maybe using the mate angle of the bed itself so when i change thaat it auto matically changes the weldment angle?


Many thanks.