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Code V - Optomechancial Layouts

Question asked by Aric Tibbitts on Dec 14, 2009
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2009 by Harold Brunt

Does anybody work with optical engineers who work in Code V?

The only output from Code V is STEP and IGES.  I have used STEP files in the past, but the optical guys change the designs alot.

I'm talking 50-100 times with tweaks that can change my mechanical layout quite a bit. STEP files seem not to lend the best parametric model assembly

The best way I found was to use there tablulated text based outputs on curvatures,thickness and airspacing to paramentrically build any assembly.


Is there a way to build invidual optical lenes and an optical layout built from a text based file in an assembly.

See attached for example spreadsheet