Ahmad Zulker

Damper, Force Action Only, Force Action Reaction ?

Discussion created by Ahmad Zulker on Dec 15, 2009
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I am still not clear yet some of Motion Simulation features below :



Base on Wikipedia A damper is a device that deadens, restrains, or depresses.

Where, When and Why I have to use damper ?

A sample solidworks file that show this will be very helpful.


Force Action Only

Can I use Force Action only as represent for actual load ?

Example : I can represent a car weight by a Force Action Only.

Force Action Reaction

I still cant understant where I can use this type of force.

I am appreciate if someone can post a sample solidworks file for this case ( Action Reaction )


Hopefuly this discussion will make me and another "new user" more clear regarding SolidWorks Motion.


Thanks for your time !!!