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Extracting bitmaps

Question asked by Igor Frankovic on Dec 14, 2009
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Hi there!

I have a situation which some people in the past have addressed, but the previous solution does not work any more. I have a standalone app, which makes use of COM objects to display a sort of a thumbnail preview of DWG and SLDDRW files. The component i have found years ago for dwg files still works, but the one for slddrw files stopped working, because it was based on a unsupported functionality in one of the SW explorer dlls (SLM.DLL i believe). anyway that dll is gone now and i found a very rough COM object written by one of the SW guys in 2002, but there are some issues.

one of the major ones is why it takes ages to use this COM object over a site-to-site VPN link.

locally it works fine, but over the VPN (synchronous T1) it takes over 10 minutes just to start the app, without even making use of the preview COM

If anybody has any thoughts or better solutions I woudl greatly appreciate it.


PS: using SW 2009 atm